Empire Gas Partnership

Microgrid Tech has partnered with Empire Gas to jointly develop, install, and support CHP microgrid projects in Puerto Rico.

Empire Gas is the largest propane gas distributor in Puerto Rico selling over 85 million gallons of propane annually (~75% market share) with annual revenues over $200 million, They own an operate multiple propane terminals, storage facilities, and distribution locations throughout the island. They have over 700 employees and a fleet of delivery vehicles. This gives them a proven ability to reliably supply large customers in all conditions. Their large volume customers include Pfizer, Lilly, Merck, Olein, Total, Pepsi, Diageo, Stryker, Medtronic, Coca Cola, Serralles, and Hospital de la Concepcion.

Empire Gas is the fuel supplier for virtually all propane fueled CHP systems operating in Puerto Rico. They have also installed multiple Siemens CHP systems for Olein, Pfizer, Hospital de la Concepcion, and other customers.

Hospital de la Concepcion

Hospital De La Concepcion picked up the load when other local hospitals shut down and evacuated. They were the only hospital in Puerto Rico that operated without interruption providing full services during and after the Hurricane thanks to their CHP microgrid and regular resupply of propane from Empire Gas.


Olein’s CHP system provided power to their facility despite 150 mile per hour winds that caused damage to their facilities and neighboring areas. Thanks to their CHP microgrid, Olein was able to resume operation four days after the hurricane and had record sales the month following the hurricane.